Why use “UGG” trademark issue only recently

Tony Mo Teer system boots from a family of seven generations, the family production of UGG boots as livelihoods. UGG boots like the production of the manufacturers, in Australia there are many, most of the manufacturers belonging to the family workshops, a smaller scale.

• 1979 年 Brain Smith Brian Smith found business opportunities, so the UGG boots brought to New York, set up a holding company UGG, in 25 countries registered trademark UGG and sold in 1995 Deckers Outdoor decoration by outdoor companies.

• Thereafter decorator outdoor company informed the Australian 20 manufacturers have called UGG trademark ownership, and they can not then claim the title UGG. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN ordered them to stop using the Internet “UGG”. • traders who set up a joint Australian UGG boots Association and decorators Outdoor Corporation affirmed struggle, their defense on the grounds that UGG Australia is a country of origin, and Australian manufacturers have to do this kind of boots made for decades we all know is a comfortable flat UGG boots with sheep.

• Decorator outdoor company with trademark infringement Australia vendors began.

Results trademark dispute
• Deckers (Deckers) Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. in over 100 countries around the world registered trademark UGG, so that other brands contain the word “UGG” shall not enter the market Deckers company registered country. • But in Australia, UGG Australia Court upheld the practice of the generic name for the goods. • In the United States, the Netherlands and Turkey, the court rejected the claim that “UGG” as saying the generic name of goods, maintaining the “UGG” effectiveness as an individual brand names, Chinese court in fake “UGG” trademark of civil and criminal cases also made the same decision.
From Baidu Encyclopedia

1. Why were told Tony should “UGG” the slogan removed from the window? Because at this time “UGG” has become a trademark instead of the ordinary slogan, if you continue to use it relates to infringement.

2. What kind of intellectual property rights in this case involve? Trademark rights

3. Why use “UGG” trademark issue only recently?

In the early days because people have not the right to consciousness, there is no brand awareness, there is no awareness of the law. In the absence of registered “UGG” trademark, Australia’s manufacturers have not put UGG as a trademark to look at, these problems would not exist.

4. Decorator outdoor company with which way to inform UGG Australian manufacturers to stop using the name? · Send letters firm was expelled from eBay · · Internet organization ICANN stop · notify the store to stop using the slogan UGG

5. The Internet is how it affects the mark? After decorators outdoor company has UGG trademark ownership, the development of Internet regulatory agency ICANN command other vendors to stop using the “UGG” on the Internet. After sales channels because most manufacturers are foreign sales through the Internet, you can not use “UGG”, its sales of goods difficult. At the same time, consumers search for products through a network can only be “UGG Australia”, a monopoly market for its enormous benefits

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Ivanova more ugly than he put on boots UGG snow

In this world, some things are specifically designed for the woman exists, but these things also should be applied only by the woman my son. Some are not idle, bored marketing staff brave flicker flicker, these things can be developed “HOMME” Men series. These so-called special products for women, want to come, I do not have to say, you can come up with the number to: harness, mascara, knitting embroidery kits, of course, there is a skirt. >> Although UGG boots I just said is not in the ranks, however, still have to say, a woman’s stuff, the best woman back. Although the men are now accustomed to inexplicable products on the plunder of women, “as I used to,” but after all, can not wear good-looking, wearing a praise. That is another level of the problem. After and Nick Cannon were Leonardo (Leonardo Dicaprio) is photographed wearing a purple velvet body suit with UGG snow boots activity travel. And this with the way, in my mind, as if to be more appropriate Mariah Carey, rather than the dumped wife of a man. Missing diamonds, diamond jewelry with Swarovski Leonardo This seems, in addition to abjection, probably not something words can describe it. Despite a big star on the Titanic did not say, only just feel like UGG boots are not suitable for presentation in a man’s feet, in addition to warmth and comfort factors, from an aesthetic standpoint. This hairy legs wrapped boots, and men seem to not phase in line with its own temperament. So wear the same, there are former rock star looks horrible Ronnie Wood. Let’s say, a man behind every victory, there is a great woman, however, this does not make the 20-year-old Ronnie Wood of the so-called girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova more ugly than he put on boots UGG snow. These two big boots, let Ronnie pair of spindly legs looked like toothpicks as cowardly. Again taking into account his age and goes full of “creative” in the face, we can not help feeling the elderly home, Zhuangnen can pretend to be proportionate.

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