UGG simply men and women can see the foot of essential goods

About UGG What secret, you know? Winter time, UGG simply men and women can see the foot of essential goods. Some people like it, some people say ugly. You know you have this UGG feet nine little-known secret? 1. First, UGG do not read “youGG” (there are many people like to read “oil Jiji”), its correct pronunciation is “AhGer”, is the “Wu Age” to “five” removed; it was spelled ugh or ug, it was until 1981 UGG income Macquarie dictionary, only the well-known name of unity. 2. Accuracy is, UGG is not a brand name, but one kind of synonymous with wool boots. It uses the Australian Merino sheepskin, sheepskin have many wrinkles on this, so a large area of skin. 3.

MM’s favorite UGG wool is the reason, but also because of its wool, Merino who easily suffer heat stroke or fly maggots disease. To prevent Merino body long maggot in the past people would cut off a piece of skin on sheep ass, this is the legendary “cut skin flies law.” Too cruel, so now instead of clips. 4. We are well-known brand “UGG” actually stands for “UGG Australia”, the registered brand name for the word ugg in 1985, so there is always a lot of Australian businessmen hate, because UGG Australia is an American brand! 5. the 1960s, UGG boots especially popular athletes in the surf, they wear to warm in the sea long soak feet. The UGG Australia brand founder Shane Stedman had an Australian surfer. So, UGG snow boots is not a simple oh.

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