English is the Hermes Hermes, from the French Hermè

English is the Hermes Hermes, from the French Hermès, began in 1837 in France, is a loyal to traditional arts and crafts, the constant pursuit of innovation and international enterprise. Today, Hermes’s total of 17 kinds of products: leather, scarves, ties, men and women fashion, perfume, watches, stationery boutique, footwear, accessories, saddlery supplies, home life series, tableware and jewelery.

Brand meaning

Carriage pattern is a long history and fine quality traditional symbol of Hermes harness from the beginning, usually see inside the product inconspicuous place.

Hermes Capitalization signature, if not appear together with the carriage patterns would normally be placed in the snap or surface. In addition there is often a line below the Hermes Paris the small print.

H-shaped: Logo for brand recently become popular for exaggeration, Hermes carriage pattern may seem somewhat subtle, so the “H-shaped” often appear in products in recent years.

Classic Products

Hermes scarf

It is said that the world will be sold every 38 seconds a Hermes scarf. In 1937, triggered by the jockey jacket inspired design from the “lady with the bus,” the first Hermes scarf birth name. Since then, each year 12 Hermes design, it has been more than 100 styles of scarves presented in front of the world. Many classic designs such as “Ex-Libris”, “BridesdeGala” and so on, after re-color is still popular, enduring. Each with a scarf through the layers of checkpoints, would take 18 months to be born. In recent years, Hermes love theme is designed to allow a small scarf, tells a vivid story worlds, creating another legend of Hermes.

Kelly bag

Kelly bag is the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly surname before marriage, named “Kelly bag.” Every piece of leather Kelly bag after each section, the procurement staff from the annual global auction will purchase the finest leather, featured only choose the best part. Sewing handbags throughout the conduct of a master, compiled on the number, engraved with the names of craftsmen, a fine was born. To have a Kelly bag, at least six months in advance booking is necessary, even though the former British Princess Diana, have patience in order to get her love of valuable sky blue ostrich handbag. Some even have to wait six or seven years after the stock desirable, while its market price speculation has reached more than $ 60,000. Kelly bag each has a variety of models, including 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm and mini size and other specifications, as many as 33 kinds of material, more than 209 kinds of colors.

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